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Starting with a $3000 loan from his dad, and now with sales over $100 million per annum, you could be mistaken to think that Peter Alexander Sleepwear happened over night!

‘Please take it all away and go and get yourself a different job,’ was a comment from Peter’s first appointment with a department store buyer.  ‘You should never use fabrics like rayon in sleepwear.’ ‘Ladies like a ‘peter pan’ collar and not a man’s shirt collar’. The comments kept coming. Peter almost reconsidered his second appointment that day, an appointment that would see him supplying sell out ranges to a competing department store. 

Like any new business the pyjama business had many steep leanings and it was not long before the kitty was dry and Peter had to give the business serious consideration.  His mum stepped in, mortgaging the family home and becoming a part of the business. Peter now had new responsibilities and a reason to make it work. 

Not everything goes to plan; this was the case when Peter received the call to tell him that the production of 2000 units was going to be delayed. It wasn’t long before the pyjamas missed their delivery and the order was cancelled by the department store.  The news was devastating, especially now that the family home was on the line. No other business could take this quantity of stock! Peter remembered a Cleo promotion and the interest it generated for his business.  With everything to lose, Peter and his mum decided to run an expensive Ad in Cleo magazine.

With a nail bitting two months later and 2000 pyjamas packed into every corner of the house, the magazine was about to hit the news stands. The phone rang… and rang 4000 times again… and didn’t stop ringing! This was quite literally the start of the Peter Alexander catalogue business. Peter Alexander sleepwear became the top apparel catalogue business in Australia sending out close to one million catalogues a year.

In 1995 Peter launched his website PeterAlexander.com.au. It was a natural leap for a very successful catalogue business and the move instantly delivered results becoming one of Australia’s top 20 online retail businesses.

Before long Peter had gained the recognition for the best and only sleepwear brand amongst fashion industry with his on trend styling. It was at this point that Peter started sleeping with celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek, Toni Collette, Nicole Richie, Miranda Kerr, Brittney Spears and even Princess Mary is a huge fan.

Today Peter Alexander is known as an iconic Australian Fashion Brand, recognised and loved every night around the world.